Thursday, August 11, 2011

Egyptian Magic Cream

Hey guys!
Remember awhile back I managed to score myself a 2 tiny tubes of Egyptian Magic Cream to try out and did a review?
Anyway, if you didn’t manage to read the whole thing, here’s the shortened version of the review.

While I do not claim that it will heal and get rid of all pimples/blackheads/whiteheads what this cream has done for me is increase the moisture on my face making my face feel incredibly soft & supple as well as minimise the scars I have on my face.

Enough talking, below are photos of the actual product.
The ancient Kamitan’s secret, magical cream.

Solid cream of goodness! That can be applied on face, hair, body and basically anywhere else that you feel needs an added kick of moisture & possible scar healing. :)

Weight: 4 o.z./118ml/113g
Ingredients: Olive oil, beeswax, honey, bee pollen, royal jelly, propolis extract & divine love. No synthetic preservatives or synthetic fragrance added.
Scent: Mild, natural, neutral scent that reminds me of olive oil.

How to use:
As this product can come off feeling quite thick & greasy, my suggestion is to take a little onto your fingertips, warm them a little in your palms and gently smooth it all over your face.
The first few times you use it, it might seem thick and pore clogging, but I assure you it’s not. I reckon it’s just that our skin isn’t used to that much moisture and hence the thick & clogged feeling. You’ll notice a difference the next day itself when you give your face it’s daily morning wash.
*Amount used to apply on your skin is based on individual skin and whether you use more or less of the product is up to you as not everyone’s skin is the same and your skin changes with time & climate as well.

As I’ve previously mentioned in my review, I’ve only applied this on my face and usually at night. As such, I have not managed to try out it’s make up base properties yet, would greatly appreciate any feedbacks from anyone who has used this product not just on their face as a night cream but from their hair all down the way to their tippy toes. I reckon this’ll make an awesome overnight foot balm! Slather it on your tired ol’ feet, pop on a pair of cotton socks and get your beauty sleep and wake up the next morning with baby soft feet!

I could clutter this page with LOTS of photos of endorsement taken from the main Egyptian Magic Cream website, but I reckon I’d let the product speak for itself and if you’re interested in checking out all the celebrity endorsement this product has just click here! :)

RM126 COD (PJ areas)
RM130 PosLaju (WM)
RM133 PosLaju (EM)

More personal & outside review of this product coming up soon! :)

Till next time!

Egyptian Magic Cream Reviews: Peep into Fashion

Review by ME at Peep into Fashion.
Well, if you wanna sell it obviously you gotta use it first! Otherwise, how you gonna know if it’s any good. :)

“Let’s be completely honest here, the first time I got it and used it on my face at night, it felt really heavy and thick and my pores felt really clogged as well. Now you’re thinking that perhaps I used quite an amount on my face, I assure you the amount I used was smaller than a pea. I dotted it around my face and just gently smooth it in. My face felt so oily and thick that I almost wanted to wash it all off but instead I persevered and left it on overnight. The first few time you use this cream, it will take awhile to sink into your skin.

The next morning, I actually couldn’t believe how good my skin felt! My skin felt supple and smooth, and when I was washing my face I was surprised at home springy and youthful my face felt. The cream gave my skin a rather ‘boing’ effect, that it was difficult to resist touching my face. It just felt too smooth!

As this cream can be a little thick and heavy, I opted to use it only at night as I do have combination skin and was not sure if this cream would caused my face to shine like the sun if I used it in the day. The next few nights that I continued to use it, it still felt rather heavy and cloggy on my face, but after about a week plus of using, the thick, clogged feeling gradually went away and each morning I was left with soft, smooth and supple skin.”
Because I am a long winded person who has LOTS to say, the full review can be read here. :)

So far the review is done for face application, I have yet to try it anywhere else on the body. But once I do, I’ll definitely be updating and informing you guys. :)

Till next time!

Your Typical Hello-Welcome-About Post

Hello peeps!
If you haven’t already heard, we’re the owners of Peep Boutique and we’re just pretty much expanding a little to bring you guys some pretty awesome beauty products! Also, we are just in LOVE with beauty products, so we just can't resist sharing good things we've found!

For the products that are being featured here, we make sure that we test it out for at least 3 weeks before deciding to bring it in to you guys! After all, if you don't try it first how will you know if it's any good right? :)

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